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Liquid Applied Systems

The SOPREMA LIQUIDS DIVISION was created to take advantage of the advancing technologies in the area of liquid applied waterproofing. In 1996, SOPREMA acquired the products, processes, patents and know-how of a European corporation that had been producing cutting-edge liquid applied waterproofing systems since 1972.

Ten years later, history was repeated as SOPREMA acquired state-of-the-art PMMA liquid membrane technology through another acquisition to enhance our place as a leader in the liquid applied waterproofing market.

The SOPREMA LIQUIDS DIVISION formulates, manufactures and supplies liquid systems for commercial structures with applications for roofing, waterproofing, balconies & terraces, parking decks and others while providing unparalleled technical expertise from the early planning stages through the application process.



Alsan Urethane systems combine time-tested technologies with cost effective products that have proven to be the solution to a myriad of roofing and waterproofing applications. Alsan Urethane systems consist of single component products meaning that there is no on-site mixing required. Also, given that some of the products in the line contain bituminous asphalt their compatibility with asphaltic-based roofing products further enhances its versatility.


The versatile Alsan RS PMMA systems feature state-of-the-art, high performance liquid roofing and waterproofing products with outstanding performance capabilities for the toughest of applications, including parking decks. The products can be installed in freezing temperatures, expanding the systems weather window to almost unheard of limits. Perhaps best of all, all components in the RS line have rapid cure times, eliminating any watertight concerns after a crew is finished for the night.


The Alsan FLEX system consist of cost effective resins used primarily in coating single-ply and metal roof buildings. The resins are single component, eliminating the need for on-site mixing, and feature fast cure times. The system is normally installed without fleece reinforcement, allowing the product to be spray applied for a quick application. The Alsan FLEX system also has a very strong reflectivity rating and will remain consistent over time.
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