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If you are looking for experienced and reputable commercial waterproofing companies, make Allied Roofing your first call. We have skilled crews, the materials necessary and the correct equipment to partner with you on your project. Cleaning the area with the appropriate pressure to remove contaminants and mildew is the beginning of a complete and thorough process to end your water problem.

Liquid Applied

Unlike other solvent-cured, adhesive-adhered, self-adhered, or heat-welded products, a liquid-applied STPE product will not blister, outgas, or lose adhesion when installed over damp or fresh green concrete surfaces due to STPEs moisture-curing nature. Once the wall obtains sufficient strength for form removal, and the initial concrete set is achieved (generally within two to seven days), the waterproofing material can be applied. This can significantly accelerate the construction schedule.

Cure time will vary from minutes to hours depending on applied film thickness, temperature, and relative humidity (RH). Typical cure time is three hours for 0.7-mm (30-mil) applications at 21 C (70 F) and 50 percent RH, but this may be extended in cooler, drier climates. In ultra-dry climates, additional water misting may help accelerate curing. Full, normal curing is anticipated in three to four days, and supplemental coats and repairs should be performed within 72 hours of the initial application.

Single-component, moisture-cured STPE elastomeric, liquid-applied waterproofing material is manufactured in several viscosities (or thicknesses) depending on application method. The lower the viscositymeasured in centipoise (cP)the easier it is to deform, or in this case, apply. One advantage of a well-formulated, single-component, moisture-cured STPE elastomeric, liquid-applied waterproofing material is it has the necessary viscosity to be spray applied. This can create labor savings for contractors installing below-grade waterproofing.

Torch Waterproofing

Torch on membrane, as the name describes, is a membrane thats applied to a surface with a torch, which waterproofs the area.

This is perfect for low-angled roofs or concrete rooftops that tend to pool water. It can also be used for applications as wide in variety as the inside of planter boxes and as waterproof insulation in water tanks.

Coatings Waterproofing

Waterproof coatings cover the masonry of your building with a waterproof substance, stopping water from getting inside and wrecking havoc. There are also water-repellent coatings, Old House Journal explained, that are hydrophobic toward droplets of water but let vapor inside.

Water proof coatings come in a number of types and brand names. The coating can be part of the masonry itself, a liquid coating (such as a spray or paint) or an additional sheet covering.

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Allied Roofing Images
Allied Roofing Images
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