Your Miami, FL neighbors who have called on Allied Roofing have plenty to say about their great experience with us. No other roofing contractors Miami, FL can match our combination of personal service and quality materials. Read for yourself what your neighbors are saying about Allied Roofing.

Frank Vilar
"Allied Roofing Industries, Inc. has worked with OHL-Arellano on projects of various sizes, with a value up to $457,000. During this time, OHL-Arellano has found Allied Roofing Industries, Inc. to be a professional and responsible subcontractor... "

Alexander Milton
"We would sincerely recommend Allied Roofing on any construction projects you may have. "

Pete Mills
"We know that we can weather any storm and keep our patients and staff dry in the process. "

Andy Hernandez
"To Whom It May Concern,

Turner Construction would like to extent a recommendation for Allied Roofing in recognition of their performance, hard work and willingness to get the job done. Repeateadly, Allied Roofing has provided a service that has exceeded expectations. Turner Construction has the upmost confidence in Allied Roofing to provide an end product that has come to be expected of in our industry.

Turner Construction can confidently recommend allied Roofing as reliable contractor and an expert in their fields. Please feel free to contact me if you will like to disscuss further. "

Peter Iriarte
" Allieds dedication and thorough efforts assisted us in meeting that need "

Robert T. Arkin
" Thank you for your outstanding work. "

Gloria Estefan
" To Allied Roofing , thanks for a great job!!"

Love & Luck

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